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The ChemCollective

The ChemCollective is a free educational download. ChemCollective is a virtual chemistry lab and it falls under the ‘Synthesis‘ category of Bloom’s Taxonomy. It is synthesis because synthesis includes produce, create, and experiment. Chemistry labs are full of producing and creating new things and experimenting with different chemicals and elements. The virtual lab combines acids and bases and tells what elements are in the mixture as well as the molarity of it all. ChemCollective is a very helpful technology for all Chemistry teachers.

*ChemCollective allows you to download instructions as well as the lab. You can also upload students’ homework to it. But, you may need to download Java if you do not already have it on your computer. Go to http://www.chemcollective.org/vlab/vlab.php to find out more about ChemCollective.

This is a screenshot of ChemCollective from my Flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/briannadoyle/6338207224/in/photostream