Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom is becoming more and more common. I believe if schools have enough money to pay for them iPads would be very beneficial in the classroom both for the student and the teacher. iPads have many different apps that can help students grasp the understanding of science. Whether it is an app for  flashcards to help study, a periodic table, or a unit converter; the iPad has the app. By the time I am teaching in a classroom, textbooks will probably be available on an iPad and that would make students happier to take the book home and bring it back to school because they won’t have backpacks weighing twenty pounds. For me personally, everything that makes the student want to learn  makes things easier on me. Students are more intrigued if they get to use something other than a pen and paper. The iPad would be a great addition to every classroom!


Why Teachers Blog

I am hopefully going to be a high school science teacher, so I am looking for three teachers who blog in my subject area.

  • Biology in Action- Outside of books. Outside of the classroom. A learning community about science in real life.

Biology in Action is a site for the students of Mr. Bird in central New Jersey. He designed his blog to create classroom discussion about Biology. He blogs sometimes, but it is mainly used as a place where all of his students can blog about Biology as well. Many pictures and videos are posted to the website so all of the students can gain a better understanding of the subject.

There is no picture of Mr. Bird himself on the website, but this is the picture that viewers can see when they visit the site as the banner:

Link for Biology in Action, and why he blogs:

  • Blogging4Biology: Using Blogs in Science Education

Blogging4Biology is a blog by science teacher Stacy Baker who teaches Biology in the northeast United States. She began her blog in 2006 to post class information. After 2006, she started to let her students blog. According to her “it has greatly increased student involvement and science literacy in my classroom”. She also uses edublogs to talk with other science teachers.

Picture of Ms. Baker

Link for Blogging4Biology, and why she blogs:

  • Reflections of a Science Teacher

Reflections of a Science Teacher is a blog by high school science teacher Sandra McCarron from Massachusetts. Unlike the previous two bloggers and teachers who blog for their students, she blogs her thoughts about teaching and hopes for conversation with other blogging teachers to gain more knowledge and insight.

Picture of Sandra McCarron

Link to Reflections of a Science Teacher:

Why She Blogs:

  • My Views:

Like these three teachers and the numerous others in the blogging world, I too believe that blogging can be important and useful while teaching in the classroom. Blogging can be useful for helping students gain more knowledge. Science is difficult and only getting to help my future students one time during the day during class may not be enough, so I can create a blog just for them to see more examples of the material we are learning that week. They can look at it and use it as they please. I also love the idea of getting advice from other teachers throughout the country and the world. I will be a new and inexperienced teacher looking for all the help I can get in three years and there are teachers worldwide that would love to give insight.

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