Educational Podcast

I listened to the bi-weekly science education podcast called ‘Lab Out Loud- Science for the Classroom and Beyond’. Dale Basler, a physics and physical science teacher and Brian Bartel, a chemistry teacher are the hosts of the podcast. They discuss topics in science news and science education by interviewing many people involved in science. I listened to episode 57- Preventing Bad Science in the Classroom. In this episode, they were joined by Dr. Ben Goldacre, the author of the book Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks. They talked about his book and how the term ‘miracle’ is used in science and medicine and how there is normally research and evidence to back up the ‘miracle’. They also talked about science teachers in the classroom and student time constraints when they are in the lab and how teachers in a way encourage bad science in the classroom. I never realized that science teachers did that but after hearing what they said about it, it makes sense. If a student messes up on the lab, the teacher tells them they are wrong but there is not any time to redo it so they tell them to focus on one or two specific sections of the lab. They talked about planning more time for labs and to discuss the mistakes.

A link to Episode 57 is here:


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